Obama Didn't Cause Hurricane Irene, But This Guy Did!

hurricaneHurricane Irene has the whole world a flutter today. OK, the whole eastern seaboard -- same thing right? (I'm a New Yorker, I can admit that's how we think.) But instead of being all panicked while we're waiting for disaster to strike, at least some people have decided it's high time to find someone to blame. The culprit? President Barack Obama, of course! Of. Course.

I'll say this for Daily Beast blogger Bill McKibben: the man aims high. Why blame the warm, moist air that collected on the ocean's surface (which, cough, causes hurricanes, cough, cough) when you can take down a sitting president?


The way McKibben sees it, the terror that is Hurricane Irene charging up the coast is the result of global warming. OK, fair enough. But he puts the blame for global warming squarely on the shoulders of the Obama administration:

The Obama administration mostly stopped talking about climate change years ago; when the president talks about the environment, which is rarely, he’ll discuss green jobs, or a clean energy future.

Ooh man's got some balls! Big brass ones!

At least McKibben's got a bit more going for his argument than the average Facebook ranting this week. Just ask the populace who caused the Virginia earthquake, and the answers will range from the sane (plate tectonics) to the INSANE (Obama's sinful ways). Ditto Irene. The worse the spelling is on a Facebooker's status, the higher the chance they're pissy with the prez for the potential of a weekend without Internet and some falling trees (although, to be fair, I'm sure gay marriage ranks pretty high on their list too).

But at least the folks who are leaving God out of it have a bit of a point. Climate change has indeed -- according to real scientists -- melted the icecaps and raised sea levels along the East Coast about six inches more than the global average during the last century. The last CENTURY. That's 100 years.

Funny thing: Obama has been president just two and a half of them. Even if President Obama didn't spend an awful lot of time kowtowing to a party that supports a woman who thinks it's scientific fact that we walked with dinosaurs, the fact is, nothing he's done (or not done) during his administration would have affected Irene. Just like President Bush couldn't prevent Katrina -- although he could have improved the federal response to it.

If you really want to blame a president for the impending wet weekend, maybe we should be digging up old William Howard Taft and pissing in his grave. He was the man in the White House 100 years ago, after all.

Who are you blaming for Hurricane Irene?


Image via NASA/Flickr

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