Slamming Obama for Anna Wintour's Support Makes GOP Look Like Hypocrites

anna wintourPresident Obama's bringing out the big guns to raise moolah for his 2012 campaign, and A-list Democrats are on board. One of them you might know best as The Devil who wears Prada. Yep, Vogue's editor-in-chief herself, Anna Wintour, is a HUGE booster for the prez. In less than a year of making fundraising calls and hosting various dinner parties, she's more than tripled the $100,000+ she helped raise for the campaign back in '08.

No matter how amazing that is, though, the White House seems to want to keep her involvement on the hush-hush. That's because, according to the GOP, she's too fancy-pants a supporter for a President who needs to be focused on turning around our down economy. Last year, the Republican National Committee sent out an email with the subject line "The President Wears Prada," blasting Obama for his ties to Wintour and his "elitist disconnect from the American people." Wow, hypocrisy at its stupidest.


Apparently, not only should he keep it down about celebrating his 50th birthday or going on vacation, but he also can't have friends in high fashion. Give me a break!

The President's campaign should be PROUD that Anna's the type of person throwing her support behind him. At a time when campaign financing is all sorts of screwed-up, and our Congress is basically bought by big business, Big Oil, and banksters, and crooked Bank of America wants to cozy up to GOP nom Rick Perry, a magazine editor with a penchant for haute couture is just about as innocent as you can get!

I mean, what favors is Obama going to have to do for Anna if when he gets re-elected? Promise he'll wear red Gucci power ties? Ensure Michelle does a September issue cover? Get Mayor Bloomberg to give Anna's driver special privileges to go through red lights in Manhattan? Have Lauren Weisberger deported? I mean, really, people.

The truth is Wintour has no creepy ulterior motive for supporting Obama. She simply "believes in his presidency, what he represents and brings to the table." Imagine that -- genuine reasons for being invested in a politician!

Anna may be an "elitist" when it comes to FASHION, but so what? She's not exactly an instrumental player in white collar crime, like the majority of GOP candidates' fundraisers. If the 69th most powerful woman in the world (according to Forbes) can help the Obama campaign reach their billion-dollar mark, more power to her, and more power to President Obama for having a huge, effective fundraiser who isn't a total crook.

What do you think about Anna Wintour helping President Obama raise cash for his campaign?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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