Despicable Men Rob Pregnant Woman of Her Wedding Ring (VIDEO)

Anyone who robs another person at gunpoint is a pretty low life form, but when that woman is visibly pregnant and they take her wedding band and engagement ring, I am pretty sure that makes them even lower than low. New York City police are looking for two men who robbed a pregnant woman of her jewelry in Midtown Manhattan last week.

I have been pregnant. It's a time of great vulnerability and physical weakness, especially for a person who is used to being strong and fit and in control. In other words, it's a perfect time to prey on someone ... especially if you have the IQ and morals of an amoeba. Actually, that seems cruel to amoebas.

See below:


When you're pregnant, the only thing you have in your mind is protecting your baby and yourself. Throughout my pregnancies, I ate extremely well, I exercised well into my third trimester, I stayed away from smokers, and I got lots of sleep. But we can't control everything.

As a culture, we have a certain reverence for pregnant women. I give up my seat on the train. I offer to carry things for her. It's part of the whole "it takes a village" mentality. So when someone victimizes a pregnant woman so brazenly, it violates that idea and our entire cultural mentality about pregnant women.

It's so very wrong to prey on anyone, but to prey on someone in their most vulnerable state and use that to your advantage is beyond despicable. I hope that is taken into account when these creeps are apprehended.

The two suspects are described as being black and in their late 30s, about 5'8", and 160 pounds. The NYPD says anyone with information should call 800-577-TIPS (remember, all calls are anonymous).

Does this make you angry, too?


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