Video of Hurricane Irene From Outer Space Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO)

hurricane ireneWho knew that an earthquake would be the second most exciting weather event this week on the East Coast? Poor Great Quake of 2011, I feel like Hurricane Irene has stolen all of its thunder (pun 100 percent intended). But rightfully so. Storm trackers predict that Irene will bounce around on the eastern seaboard, landing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, affecting Wilmington and Raleigh before she heads up north to blast New Jersey and New York. The Weather Channel has a nifty hurricane tracker that will keep us all informed with the latest path projections, so if you wanna geek out on Irene coverage, that's the place to do it.

But if you want some awesome and unusual Irene coverage that only a handful of people have seen, then I'm really excited to share this video I found with you. It's an astronaut's view of Irene from outer space. And it's officially bad ass.


First of all, I think it's really cool to look at a storm like this. It gives me such a perspective on what we're up against. When you see it on the local news, it's all rookie field reporters being blown on boardwalks and meteorologists in suits pointing at a map, telling us to buy bottled water and cat food.

But when you see the 'cane from outer space, it looks ... terrifying. Truly, it looks like something from a disaster movie. I almost expected Bruce Willis to chime in on the commentary, that's how CGI it looks and how unbelievably massive it is. I'm sure a thunderstorm from outer space would look scary too, but there's something about this behemoth storm that's alarming.

The astronauts' commentary is also pretty rad to listen to. They say that they're used to flying past things pretty quickly, but that it seems like it's taken them forever to fly (do we say "fly" when it comes to spaceships? I'm not sure) over Irene.

We're used to traveling a long ways in a short amount of time, but this storm is stretching from Cuba to the Carolinas ... and that is uh, that is uh, one scary, big storm.

Houston replies that it's incredible that the astronauts were above the storm for six minutes -- just another tip that Irene really could be a once in a lifetime event.

WATCH the video and enjoy the unusual and spectacular view of Irene.

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Photo via YouTube

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