Parents Praying for 19th Child Are a Danger to Their Kids

bates family abcSome say three kids is the new two, but two kids will be my own personal max. I figure birth control is going to play a bigger part in that fate over God. And these are maybe just a couple of reasons why I think Tennessee's Kelly and Gil Bates are out of control. Parents to 18 children, the Bates are hoping to soon catch up to their friends, reality TV show stars the Duggars. No scratch that, they're not just hoping. They're currently praying for more.

I'd actually love to just chalk them up as Bible-thumping nut job hypocrites (for being okay with medical intervention to procreate but against birth control) and call it a day -- IF ONLY they had health insurance for 10 of their children! But they do not. And therefore, they're not just crazy. They're dangerous.


Reportedly, they've had pretty good luck with a Christian clinic when it comes to prenatal care, and they just waltz into the ER when they have a medical emergency. That's nice, but most families would probably want to make sure they could afford and take care of their existing children before having more. But no. That's not how the Bates family sees it. They're hell-bent on having more kids, regardless of health issues (Kelly has already had three miscarriages and is 44 years old) or medical bills.

Not only are the majority of their children sans health insurance, but most of them are living on top of one another (quite literally -- eight of the girls from 20 years old to 2 share a bedroom and sleep in bunk beds). These kids seem to have absolutely no privacy, no lives of their own.

And these nightmarish circumstances seem to be just the tip of the iceberg for this freaky family. Of course, no one can tell them how to live their lives (until they actually break the law), but as far as I'm concerned, the Bates having more children when they can't properly care for the ones they have seems so irresponsible, it borders on abusive.

What do you think about this family's goal to have more kids?


Image via ABC

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