Daughters Sue Funeral Home for Losing Mom’s Dead Body

graveyardThe grief is unbearable when you lose a loved one. The grief is even more unbearable when the funeral home loses your loved one. Three sisters from Alabama are suing the funeral home they used to bury their mother because it lost the body. Even after several graves were dug up, the body still hasn't been found. No one knows where it is, and the daughters are understandably devastated. They're seeking $3 million compensatory and punitive damages, and I think they deserve every penny. Especially since Forest Hill Memorial Park has a history of misplacing the dead.


That's what the daughters' lawsuit claims, anyway.

It all started back in 2010 when Dakota Scott, daughter of the deceased Jimmie Lee Scott, went to visit her mother's grave and noticed that the tombstone wasn't where it should be -- it was far away from where she remembered laying her mother to rest during the burial service. The funeral home claimed that Jimmie Lee is underground where she always had been, but the sisters weren't convinced.

A few months later, the funeral home contacted the sisters and told them they'd have to move their mother because it turns out she was buried on someone else's plot. But when they went to dig up the casket for the move, they found nothing but dirt underneath Jimmie Lee Scott's tombstone.

In a reckless effort to find the body, they dug up several nearby graves but their search was fruitless: They didn't find Jimmie's body.

I cannot imagine what these sisters are going through. To have to relive the pain of losing their mother, only to discover that the funeral home lost her body has to be traumatic. Graves are sometimes the last tangible connection we have with our dead loved ones, and I would be out of my mind with rage if I couldn't find my mother's true burial spot. I don't know if I'd be able to put a price on losing my dead mother's body, but $3 million sounds about right. I mean I'd go for $3 billion, but hopefully I'll never be put in this horrible horrible mess.

What do you think?

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