Earthquake Teaches Dumb Teens Not to Lie to Their Parents

eyes on back of headNow that the earthquake is over and done with, and New Yorkers are getting back to pushing people out of the way to get on the subway, all the awesome benefits of this rare tectonic happening are coming out. Parents, listen up. This one's for you. You might want to tell your kids the story of Valeriya Shevchenko and Dmitriy Grif who learned the hard way not to lie to their mom and dad.


The teenagers -- ages 18 and 19, respectively -- decided they just wouldn't tell dear old mom and dad that they were getting hitched. Which was all fine and dandy. Until a picture of Valeriya running frantically through New York City in her wedding gown, her nuptial dreams shattered by the shaking ground, was sold to every major news outlet in the world.

Put myself in their shoes, and I would be sooo pissed at the earth right now! But seeing as I'm a mother, I'm just sitting here like a grinning fool. Mother Nature has totally got our backs y'all.

What is it your mother used to say? About how she has eyes everywhere? I know I'll do anything to keep my kid on her toes. It was just this week that she climbed up behind me on our couch and started poking her fingers around in my hair. "Aha," she cried. "You don't have any eyes in there!"

She's 6. No weddings in her near future (sorry oh little kindergarten boyfriend, but we've got bigger plans for our girl). But I love living in a small town because I know anything she does wrong WILL get back to me.

Turns out moms have extra eyes in big cities too. The couple did end up getting hitched, although Valeriya says her new mother-in-law is not happy about it. Maybe because she had to find out her son was a newlywed when she picked up her morning paper?

Did your parents always seem to find out the good stuff?

Image via Tattoo.Lover/Flickr

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