Dog Swallows Handful of Diamonds at Jewelry Store (VIDEO)

honey bunA dog in Georgia has got some pretty expensive taste. Forget steak and don't even think about dry dog food, this pup will only put the best products in his stomach. Like diamonds. When jewelry store co-owner Chuck Roberts noticed that $10,000 worth of diamonds were missing from his desk, he knew who was behind the heist. Honey Bun, who looks to be a Pomeranian, had evidently jumped up on the counter and swallowed the precious stones.

With an undeniable twinkle in his eye, Honey Bun was glowing from the inside out when he went in for an X-ray.


Before you get all excited about pulling out the science knowledge you've been sitting on since Chem 101, yes, you're right: Carbon is not visible on an X-ray. But the doctors saw two blank spots in Honey Bun's stomach, which they concluded were the missing diamonds.

The next day, two 1-carat diamonds were, uh, recovered naturally, cleaned, and put back where they belong. Honey Bun wasn't injured by his precious snack, and neither were the diamonds. Honey Bun wasn't even punished for his crime: The owner says that it was his fault for leaving his chair in a spot where the dog could jump onto it, then onto the desk, then stuff his face with expensive jewels.

Honey Bun, man, I'm telling you, he could be some sort of cat dog burglar mule. (Wow even I am confused by all those animals in that sentence.) Let's let Honey Bun loose in Gaddafi's mansion and see what he comes back with embedded in his intestines. Or I wouldn't mind taking Honey Bun on a walk through Tiffany's, you know, just to see if he's able to gobble up an earring or two that may or may not have hit the floor when a clumsy lady toootally accidentally dropped a pair of the Grace earrings in platinum with princess cut and round brilliant diamonds. Yeah, I think Honey Bun and I would make a great pair.

WATCH Honey Bun's story:

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