President Obama's Reading List Is Totally Sexist & That's Okay

President Barack Obama
President Obama has some reading material in that hand.
Dear President Obama, I hear you've been busy reading this summer. Your list of books is ambitious. Especially for a guy who has a country to run. But that's not what bothers the folks over at Salon. Robin Black writes over there that you've been a wee bit sexist with your picks over the years.

OK, more than a wee bit. Looking at the list of books you've read since your campaigning days back in 2008, Black says, "The news for the female scribblers among us is pretty dire. It's a 23-to-one blowout in favor of the men."


Wow. That's a pretty big gender gap there. And as a "female scribbler" myself, I suppose I could be hootin' and hollerin' and adding to the cacophony of criticism. After all, Sarah Palin has told me I'm going to hell if I don't support other ladies.

But Mr. President, I'll be honest. I just can't do it. 

The truth is, I don't give a rat's ass what you're reading while you're hanging on Martha's Vineyard this summer. At least, I don't care about the sorts of written material I can get my hands on. I've read Room by Emma Donoghue, which is rumored to be one of the few lady-penned novels on your list. I loved it. I've recommended it many times over to fellow bookworms. But I wouldn't recommend it to you.

Not now. Not with Gaddafi missing. Not with misguided people in Iowa thinking Michele Bachmann has two brain cells to rub together. Not when you could be shutting down the Defense of Marriage Act for good instead of some mamby pamby "well, I won't fight FOR it anymore ... but I'll uphold it." Not when the Democrats and Republicans in Congress can't stop trying to "win," leaving us real Americans stuck with no one representing US, the people, the ones who elected them all ... and you too. 

I'd rather not add to your reading list. I'd like you to just get it done and move on to the real stuff.

Now you can say I'm just one person, just one voter. But it seems like most Americans agree with me. The Washington Post expected your bookstore visit to spike some sales, and instead they're blaming you for a "book slump" because no one cares what you bought. Got that? No. One. Cares.

So you can keep your sexist reading list, Mr. President. Just keep it short and sweet and get back to bringing us the change you promised. Please?

A female taxpayer who happens to write for a living


Image via White House/Flickr

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