Casey Anthony Juror Shouldn't Be Treated Like a Criminal

casey anthony smiling in courtEver since the Casey Anthony trial concluded last month, the whole country has been angry and befuddled by the "not guilty" verdict. What the hell were the jurors thinking? How could they have let a woman go who, in most Americans' opinions, killed her daughter? It seems those who served on the jury, although unknown to the rest of the country, are still having to face the backlash in their own personal lives.

One male juror recently opened up to People magazine anonymously and said that life has basically been a nightmare for him. He's all freaked out people are going to figure out who he is, so he Googles himself every day. Plus, in the wake of the verdict, his friend's wife has "banned" her husband from speaking to him, and his own sister has turned against him. Yes, this juror accounted for one vote on a jury that acquitted someone most of us believe is a murderer. But no one on this jury should have to live their life as though they are criminals.


Furthermore, it's not as though his or any of the juror's personal biases acquitted Casey Anthony. Hence why they should not be held personally responsible for this nasty verdict.

The anonymous juror explained:

We tried very hard to separate our emotions from the evidence. Generally, none of us liked Casey Anthony at all. She seems like a horrible person. But the prosecutors did not give us enough evidence to convict. They gave us a lot of stuff that makes us think she probably did something wrong, but not beyond a reasonable doubt.

Therein lies the crux of the issue here. This juror was simply doing his job, the same job ANYONE would be asked to do if they were called for jury duty. He followed instructions, working with what the prosecution provided. It's a shame that the prosecution failed little Caylee Anthony, but it's not this juror or any of the jurors' faults, and their decision shouldn't weigh them down for the rest of their lives. My heart really goes out to this guy for being shunned by his own friends and family. I understand that they're angry about this big hairy mess, and that the rest of America is, too. But what occurred in the courtroom is over now, whether we like it or not. It's time to move on and let these jurors live their lives.

What do you think about the way this juror and other jurors have been treated since the verdict?


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