Woman Who Strips Naked at Airport Isn't Totally Nuts

bermuda airportI get nervous going through customs at the airport. It's not like I'm carrying anything in excess of $10,000, or that I'm bringing in moldy fruit or anything, it's just that the process is intimidating and stressful, and yeah, I'm afraid of German Shepherds. Loukai Phillips is less afraid than I am though -- in fact, she's not afraid at all ... and she's also a little bit crazy. Phillips, 36, took off all her clothes when custom agents in the Bermuda airport asked to search her suitcase.

Stripping naked wouldn't have been my reaction, but Phillips had a point. She told the officials: "If you want to see me naked, you can do it right f***ing here."


That's when she took off all her clothes as fellow passengers, including children, looked on in shock. The last place on Earth that I think I'd like to be naked would be an airport terminal, but I can see where Phillips is coming from.

She lives in London and travels back to her native Bermuda often and has just become so sick and tired of being searched, she kind of snapped. She doesn't want to be harassed every time she flies home, and possibly attempted to prove beyond any doubt that she's got nothing to hide, that they can look in every crevice of her body if they'd like, because they won't find anything. She's been stripped searched every time she came through customs, and she's over it.

A Bermudan judge handed Phillips a 12-month conditional discharge -- which basically means she has to stay out of trouble for a year, and if she does get in trouble, she can be punished for that new crime and for getting neked in the airport -- and said that the Bermuda customs agents were just doing their job.

That might be true, but Phillips' outburst is one I think we can all relate to. Not necessarily the showing of the private parts in a public space, but the "I've had it up to here" frustrations that we all experience when flying. From the patting down of a 6-year-old to targeting breastfeeding moms to searching 8-month-old twins, going through airport security can push people to their breaking point.

Phillips' reaction was a little weird, but I think she got her point, and our point, across: If airport security shows us respect, we'll show them respect.

And that's the naked truth.

What do you think?

Photo via Andrew Currie/Flickr

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