Pregnancy Is Not the WORST Thing for 12-Year-Old Rape Victim

alicia bouchardSomeday when the genie pops out of my Diet Pepsi bottle and asks me for my three wishes, I'm going to have to ask for the ability to understand morons. Not to think like them per se, but to understand how people can continue to eat, sleep, and poop with such misguided thoughts running around their heads. Need an example? Let's talk about Alicia Bouchard, the Florida woman who allegedly convinced her 26-year-old husband, Matthew, to have sex with a 12-year-old girl in the hopes that she'd get pregnant and they'd be able to collect benefits from the state.

It doesn't get much more disturbed than that, now does it? At least ... I hope not? For the sake of humanity?


The story goes that Alicia, who is 41 and apparently some sort of family friend of the girl (some friend, huh?), first made the kid watch as she made the beast with two backs with her much younger husband. Then when she found out the girl had some sexual experience of her own (shudder), she hatched her little plan to make some cash money. She supposedly told the kid, "The worse [sic] that could happen is you would get pregnant."

Whoa Nelly! The WORST is that she gets pregnant? Not that she's being raped? What is that, some insignificant little detail?

There is not a state in the entire country where a 12-year-old can consent to sex, much less sex with a 26-year-old man. What (allegedly) occurred in Florida was rape. Plain and simple. A child was forced to submit to a sexual act that she could not legally or developmentally say yes to. Based on the statistics (courtesy of RAINN -- the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), she is now:

  • 3 times more likely to suffer from depression.
  • 6 times more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol.
  • 26 times more likely to abuse drugs.
  • 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide.

But pregnancy was the "worst" that could happen? See what I mean about understanding morons? Although, come to think of it, I don't want to actually get into Alicia Bouchard's head. I'm thinking it would be preeeetty dark, twisted, and there would be ankle-biting trolls guarding the gates who force you to eat Play-Doh.

Is this the most disturbing thing you've heard all day?

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