5.8 Earthquake Hits New York: We Felt It!

nycAn earthquake with a 5.8 magnitude shook the East Coast just minutes ago, and we here in NYC are freaking out. The quake's epicenter was in Virginia, but people in D.C., Philly, New York, and Martha's Vineyard all felt the earth move under their feet. City Hall in downtown New York has been evacuated, and we here in Midtown Manhattan at The Stir headquarters are a bit shaken up. Earthquakes? In Manhattan? Those happen? 

Yep! And we've got up close and personal reactions from the staff here who each exclaimed around 2:00 p.m., "Wait, did you guys feel that?"


Nicole, an LA transplant who's supposed to be used to this kind of thing, says:

I wasn't sure ... I felt like my computer and desk were swaying back and forth and I just thought I was kind of freaking out mentally. I just kept wondering how little Onion [a 12-pound Shih Tzu] was. 

Jacque, a mother of two youngins, reports that:

I thought something was coming down the hallway and making my chair move forward. And when I went to check my phone and I had no service, I knew something was up, kind of like during 9/11 when I tried to call family members out of the city and the phones were out.

Jill, who has a habit of rocking back and forth in her desk chair, and who really likes tacos, says:

I thought everyone was making it up. The end. I'm getting Chipotle, anyone want? I'm going in a bit.

Emily, who was shopping at Whole Foods in Union Square when the earth moved, says:

I saw the products in front of me shift, but I didn't think anything of it. Then I walked outside, and people were pouring out of the buildings. I had no idea I just experienced an earthquake.

And my mom, who was grocery shopping in Virginia where the quake originiated, reports:

I was standing at the deli having Dad's bologna sliced. There were about four of us in that aisle and nobody knew what it was, but some things did fall off shelves. Clerk said the wine aisle was a mess, but I didn't see it. Tried to call both Linds and Kate and text all of you, but it said circuits were busy. Got home and there was a message from Dad, so he's fine. Just tried your cell again, but circuits still busy. So good ol' VA gets the center of a quake.

There you have it, folks. The breaking Earthquakapocolypse news from The Stir. Everyone in our building is safe, and we hope the rest of the city, heck, the East Coast, can say the same. It was exciting and entertaining, but we know earthquakes are extremely dangerous and really hope that everybody is safe, sound, and still.

But we are left with one final question: If an earthquake shakes Manhattan and no one is around to tweet about it, did it really happen?

Did you feel the earthquake?

Photo via kimberlykv/Flickr

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