Mom Tortures Kid With Hot Sauce Just to Get on TV

hot sauce mom on dr. philThe story of 'Hot Sauce Mom' is well-known by now: She's the Alaskan mom who sought help from Dr. Phil after footage of her punishing her 7-year-old adopted son with cold showers and hot sauce on his tongue went viral. In fact, it's safe to say that because of that one very hard to watch video of her son screaming in the shower, Jessica Beagley is one of the Internet's most hated moms. And now that she's on trial for misdemeanor child abuse charges, new information is coming to light that makes her behavior sound even worse ...


According to the prosecutor in the case, Beagley recorded that disturbing footage not to punish her son but to GET ON TV. People do wacky things all the time to get on reality TV shows; but hurting a child just so she could get on Dr. Phil is as low as you can go. Unfortunately, this wasn't the first time Beagley had attempted to get on the show.

After seeing a segment on the show called "Angry Moms," Beagley submitted audition videos of her yelling at her children. But the show's producers told her the footage wasn't sensational enough -- they needed to see her actually punishing them. Apparently, watching a parent revoking TV privileges isn't exciting enough for ratings; so Beagley armed herself with hot sauce and cold water, recruited her 10-year-old daughter as camera-woman, and got to work at making the little film below. Guess who was on her way to Los Angeles a few days later as an invited guest on the Dr. Phil show? Uh huh.

If you believe the prosecutor's argument, then perhaps we can take some comfort in the thought that Beagley doesn't act like this all the time with her kids and hopefully resorts to less violent punishments on a regular basis. Still, it's uncomfortable to think that she put her youngster through this -- what sounds from the video like a very traumatic -- experience, just so she could get her 15 minutes of fame with Dr. Phil. She takes the whole "any press is good press" idea way too far.

Here's the original video:

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