9-Year-Old Boy Catches 7-Foot Shark From His Kayak (VIDEO)

sharkFather and son fishing trips are the stuff fond childhood memories are made of. But when Kevin Stevens and his 9-year-old son Hunter went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, they got more than just memories -- they got an experience hardly anyone will forget. After three hours bobbing in the water, getting sunburned waiting for a bite, any bite, something finally chomped on the line, and in a big way. Dad felt a strong tug on his rod, son grabbed the camera, and the two of them fought a seven-foot black tip shark for about an hour a mile or so off the coast of Galveston, Texas.

Did I mention they were in a 12-foot kayak?


I think they need a bigger boat. Black tip sharks are usually timid around people, but when there's food involved, such as bait, they can get aggressive -- black tips have been responsible for about 41 attacks on humans since 2008. Eep! But Hunter didn't seem too scared. His reaction when he saw the shark, which was over two-thirds the size of the piece of fiberglass he was sitting in on the water's surface, was effortlessly cool.

"Ohhhhh yeah, Daddy. That's a big boy."

Well said, Hunter. It's also a deadly boy that's roughly six inches from ripping your face off, but I guess I'm the only one that seems concerned by that minor detail. Actually, Mom wasn't too pleased, either. She told CNN she was horrified by the story. At least someone in that family isn't cray cray. Dad admits that he was concerned the kayak would tip, but thankfully that never happened.

The shark pulled them up and down the coast during what Dad has called a "Texas sleigh ride." Ha! I have no idea why they didn't let the shark go right away, but I guess that's the angler's plight -- letting a big one get away is always a tough thing to do. At least they got a good ride out of it, a great video, and some awesome memories. I bet the shark will never forget that time he got caught be two people in a kayak -- his shark buddies will never let him live that down.

WATCH the Stevens family catch the shark in their kayak:

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