College Chancellor Deserves to Keep His Sex Dungeon & His Job

handcuffsDavid Lee was forced to resign from his job as chancellor at the University of Northern Virginia this week. So, why do you think he was pushed out of the gig? Would it be the raid on the non-accredited school by federal immigration authorities? Or the fact that the guy was outed by the Smoking Gun as a sadomasochistic sex-dungeon master? Bingo!


Lee officially resigned his seat because he said the revelation of pictures of his dungeon (not for the faint of heart ... or the kids) and personal ads on seeking "attractive submissive women ... to be part of our poly family" was too much for the school. The 64-year-old is walking away from his gig. He's already been swept from the school's website, save for a link to his parting message that introduces the campus to his successor.

That's it?

Oh, Americans, we're so predictable. The seizure of computers and documents by the feds is no big deal, but a guy can't get his kink on without everyone clutching their pearls? David Lee was a grown man. He liked to get kinky. So what? I'll be the first to say his particular proclivities are not my sexual style, but that means my sexytimes wouldn't exactly be his either. That's the beauty of being an adult in America. We can both choose to do things our own way ... legally.

And by all accounts, Lee kept things legal. He and his girlfriend advertised for sexual partners, but there's no evidence those partners didn't come willingly. They let themselves be photographed. They probably even enjoyed it.

So I can't help feeling like David Lee got screwed today, but not in the way he likes it. I think he deserves his job back. How about you?


Image via notsogoodphotography/Flickr

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