Rapper 'Machine Gun Kelly' Gives Flash Mobs a Bad Name (VIDEO)

machine gun kellyThe integrity of flash mobs has once again been compromised. The rapper Machine Gun Kelly apparently doesn't understand the difference between a flash mob and a personal appearance, and is the latest in a string of culprits who've given the once innocent flash mob a bad name. On Saturday, the rapper from Cleveland tweeted, “I’m thinking about doing a flash mob at a mall or something tomorrow lol cleveland should we do one while I’m home?”

First of all, what's with the "lol" in the middle of the sentence; second of all, it's not a flash mob! I wish he'd stop calling his mall appearance that, and third of all, I love that this hard core rapper was arrested by Paul Blart mall cop. 


Because it totally looks like mall cops took him into custody. His offense? Standing on a table. But really I think the arrest should've been made for his lame tweets and misappropriation of the phrase "flash mob."

Here's how he organized it:

Today we flash mob NO MATTER WHAT! 5pm at SouthPark mall in the foodcourt, wear disquises, dont move to you hear “Cleveland” play then RAGE!

Real sneaky, dude. From the video it looks like the bunch of mostly clean-cut suburban teens didn't dress up, didn't wait for any sort of clue, and just gathered in the food court to scream their faces off. Gone are the days of clever, harmless flash mobs that take on an artistic, existential, or purely fun for fun's sake mentality -- now it's all kids robbing 7-Elevens, mobs attacking pedestrians, and fans gathering for an appearance of their favorite rapper. Is not anything sacred anymore?

After Machine Gun Kelly was arrested, the wild teens ran through the mall screaming. Pretty innocuous stuff, they weren't looting or anything, and yeah it could've been worse -- I mean a rapper named Machine Gun Kelly was arrested for standing on a table; almost doesn't get more innocent than that -- but I'm just peeved that the phrase "flash mob" is in the news again attached to something that a) wasn't a flash mob and b) wasn't harmless.

Machine Gun Kelly's been released from custody. Hope he's learned his lessons about flash mobs.

What do you think?

WATCH the so-called "Flash Mob" take over an Ohio mall:

Photo via YouTube

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