Tragic Resolute Bay Plane Crash Makes Flying Scary Again

first air planeA chartered Boeing plane, operated by First Air, crashed Saturday afternoon as it was approaching an airport in Canada's Arctic region near Resolute Bay. Twelve people were killed, three were injured -- all three remain in stable condition. Local residents and soldiers from a nearby military exercise rushed over to the scene in an effort to rescue survivors from the wreckage.

The most unsettling part? No one has any clue to the cause.


According to First Air, the plane last reported communication at 12:40 P.M. local time when it was about five miles from Resolute Bay airport. A few witnesses have said the plane crashed into a small hill near the airport runway. Chris Krepski, spokesman for the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, said it was too soon to say what caused the crash, but noted that residents have been reporting seeing a lot of fog in the area at the time.

Although this crash is on a much smaller scale, it brings back memories of that tragic Air France flight in 2009 where no one survived -- and the cause still remains unknown. I mean, everyone has flown in fog before -- typically it's not grounds for crashing. There must have been something else that went wrong.

As someone who really doesn't like flying, it would be an understatement to say that this freaks me out. The physics and aerodynamics of what keeps a giant metal thing in the air for hours on end (something about Bernoulli's Principle?) have been explained to me numerous times. And it's comforting to know the math and science of it -- but how does one explain this?

I hope that investigators eventually find cause for what brought on this terrible, terrible tragedy for aviophobes like myself. But more importantly, I hope these heart-broken families will eventually be able to find peace in their lives.

How sad is this? Are you afraid of flying?


Image via mjb84/Flickr

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