Preschool Teacher Finds 17 Bags of Crack Cocaine Hidden in 3-Year-Old's Shoe

toddler sneakersI understand that dealing drugs is not, shall we say, as regulated as other retail professions. There's no government-mandated quality control going on, no standards for shipping and/or handling. I guess that's to be expected. But hiding 17 bags of crack cocaine in a 3-year-old's shoe??!! Who the hell would come up with that genius idea, some crackhead?

Oh ... yeah.

Apparently, a Boston preschool teacher discovered this contraband-filled footwear when the little girl wearing it complained that her "foot hurt." I bet -- 17 bags? In a tiny sneaker? No doubt the teacher was expecting to find a pebble, maybe, or a lump in the kid's sock. I wonder what she was more surprised by, the drugs or the girl's explanation for what was in the bags ...


See, the little girl was under the impression that Mommy put "candy" in her shoe. That's what she told her teachers, who then shared this curious information with the very concerned police officers who came to investigate.

But you know 3-year-olds -- you can't always count on them to get their stories straight. Surely that must be what happened here, because when the police asked the child's mother about the drugs, she didn't know anything about them! Not a thing! Silly little girl, dreaming up tall tales about 17 individually wrapped packages of candy. In her sneaker. Those crazy kids!

At that point, the police could have easily thrown their hands in the air and given up. Man, the Tooth Fairy must have gone on another bender! Somebody's gotta throw her wings in rehab! But they didn't. Instead, they arrested the mother's 19-year-old "friend," Demare Gary, who allegedly told cops the crack belonged to him.

Oh-kay. I suppose it's a good thing someone took responsibility here (allegedly). But I'm still bothered by two things: 1. Why did the little girl tell the teacher it was her mother who put the "candy" in her shoe? 2. What was this teenage crackpot doing with the kid's shoe in the first place and why in god's name did he think it would make an awesome hiding place for his stash of narcotics??

The investigation is still going on, so maybe we'll find out soon. In the meantime, we can at least be glad the 3-year-old didn't decide to eat any of that "candy."

What do you think really happened here?

Image via THOR/Flickr

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