Parents Who Let 15-Year-Old Take X-Rated Photos Are Sick

Hailey ClausonNeed more proof that life in the US of A is grand? The parents of teen model Hailey Clauson are suing photographer Jason Lee Parry and Urban Outfitters for a naughty shot of her that's cropped up at shops across the states. I'm pretty sure ours is the only country where a set of crappy parents can take a photographer and a store to court for using a sexy photo of their underage model daughter just to make themselves feel better.


Too harsh? Parry claims that Clauson's mom and dad were in the studio the day he shot the 'blatantly salacious" (their words in the lawsuit, not mine) photo of the then 15-year-old sitting spread-eagle on a motorcycle. So let's say he's right. The focus of the photo is said to be of her crotch, with the some of her pubic hair in evidence. What parent sits in a photographer's studio and lets their 15-year-old daughter sit spread-eagle on anything? What parent doesn't notice their daughter's pubes are showing in a photo? Sounds like some craptastic parenting right there.

But of course that's just one version of the story. Let's say the Clauson family was not hanging out in the studio while their 15-year-old was being photographed by a guy best known for his topless model shoots. Oh, I didn't mention that before, did I? Take a look at his website, and there are lots of nekked ladies on there. Don't tell me Hailey's parents didn't do a little research before they sent their daughter into the room with a strange man? I mean that sounds like ... craptastic parenting.

If the photos are as creepy as the lawsuit claims (I'll be honest, I haven't seen them -- I didn't WANT to see a 15-year-old girl like that), the parents' court case may have merit. No photographer should be shooting sexy pictures of an underage girl, and no store should be selling it. Heck, no sane individual should WANT to wear something that comes that close to being "child porn." But let's get real here -- this whole thing could have ended before it began, if Hailey Clauson's parents had stepped up to their role a heckuva lot sooner.

What do you think?


Image via hugo971/Flickr

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