Bridal Salon That Refused to Sell Lesbian a Gown Is the Real Shame

bridal gowns in shop windowEveryone's anticipating Kim Kardashian's walk down the aisle tomorrow, but another bride (inadvertently) got caught up in almost as much brouhaha as the reality star this week. Alix Genter brought her mom, dad, cousin, and two friends with her to look for her wedding dress at Here Comes the Bride of Somers Point, New Jersey last weekend. She found the almost-perfect gown for her wedding next summer but wanted it in a different fabric. So, the store manager, Donna, offered to find out about the gown and call her back.

The hitch: Donna noticed on Alix’s customer information sheet that she had crossed out the word “groom” and written the word “partner.” And that's when all hell broke loose. Or, rather, that's when Donna called Alix and left a voicemail filled with bigoted, ignorant commentary.


In short, Donna said of the bridal salon: "We do not participate in any illegal actions." She thinks it's a "shame" Alix is a homosexual and what she's doing -- committing to her partner in a civil union ceremony and having a legal marriage in New York -- is just plain "wrong!" Oh, and she raved out to a reporter from about knowing gay people who’ve molested kids and committed violence, as well something about Navy SEALs, and how she sensed Alix's dad is probably really disappointed because his daughter's marrying a woman. OMG.

The reality of the matter is that this woman has it totally backasswards. It's as if she's living in a completely alternate universe. Maybe it's because of how she was raised or her religion or the people she surrounds herself with. I don't know, and I don't care.

Aside from the fact that business owners have a responsibility to abide by their state's discrimination laws, homosexuality is a socially accepted "norm" these days, whether they like it or not. It was never "wrong," but now especially, gay marriages and civil unions are so commonplace -- especially in New Jersey and New York! -- homophobes either need to get down with it or get out of town. People like Donna and politicians who echo her sentiments are simply not in sync with the overall feeling of the American people. They're fringe freaks, in the minority now, and they're the shameful ones.

What do you think of what happened with this bridal salon?


Image via nerissa's ring/Flickr

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