Belgian Festival Stage Collapse Should Not Have Happened (VIDEO)

Less than one week after the tragic Sugarland stage collapse that killed five people, a tent collapse at a Belgian music festival Thursday killed at least four more people. The annual music festival is called Pukkelpop.

Much like in Indiana, a sudden storm caused a tent/stage to collapse as the Smith Westerns either played or got ready to play. The band took to Twitter after the mayhem: "Stage collapsed max almost got crushed by the tress, I hope pukkelpop has insurance bc all our [stuff] is broke."

The brief but fierce storm produced strong winds and large hail, which brought down trees, per reports. A sound tower beside the main stage came loose. In addition to the Smith Westerns, many other bands were slated to play, including Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars, Foo Fighters, and Rise Against, among others.

See the chaos below:


We have no idea what storms were predicted or how much the organizers knew about what to expect. What we do know is that four people are dead, which brings the grand total to nine. Nine people killed and countless others injured at two events that were supposed to be fun in two different parts of the world. 

Clearly there is a lesson here. Mother Nature can be unbelievably destructive and the crowd trusted organizers to construct sturdy structures that could withstand storms. In Indiana, organizers should have evacuated the area and kept people safe, but there was money to be made and plans to be followed.

I wonder if, once the truth comes out, the same circumstances won't apply here. It's a tragedy that may have been avoided if these kinds of concerts had better options or contingency plans in case of poor weather. Clearly it's something music festivals and outdoor concert venues are going to have to work on in the future. 

In the meantime, my heart goes out to all the people who died or were hurt in this senseless accident.

What do you think concert venues can do to avoid these problems?


Image via YouTube

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