Pregnant Teen Mom Shot & Killed But Baby Is Still Holding On

charinez jefferson teen mother killedA pregnant teen mother was fatally wounded on Chicago's South Side while walking with friends on the street. Charinez Jefferson, who was about six months pregnant, stopped to talk to a friend of her boyfriend on her way to a corner store when an armed man ran up to the group of friends and started shooting. Pleading "please don't kill me" before she was shot, Jefferson suffered multiple wounds to the body and one shot to her head. 

Paramedics were able to deliver her child, but Charinez's mom, Debbie, says her grandson is now "pretty much fighting for his life." She says she believes in God and believes everything is going to be OK. Still, what a nightmare ...

Authorities have said they don't know if Charinez was the intended target, but Debbie Jefferson thinks her daughter just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Seems to me this was an incredible tragedy.


Making matters even more heart-wrenching: Charinez Jefferson also has a 1-year-old child and was entering her junior year at an alternative high school. She also devoted time to helping her mom, who had breast cancer and now has bone cancer.

This young woman had her whole life ahead of her, and for absolutely NO reason, she's gone. It's not just terribly sad -- it's sick.

The only silver lining is that Charinez's baby made it. He weighed 7 pounds and 3 ounces when he was delivered late on Tuesday and remains in critical but stable condition. Still, it's nothing short of heartbreaking to think of the way he came into this world, and how he and his older sibling will have to face the world without their mother. With hope, the Chicago police will be able to find Charinez's killer and bring him to justice.

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Image via WGN-TV

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