Obama Shows Us How Not to Do a Multi-State Bus Tour

barack obamaObama is currently on a listening tour of the Midwest -- the President is making stops in Illinois, Minnesota, and Iowa for town hall appearances to hear what the public has to say, but it hasn't been the President's agenda nor the people's voices that have made news; it's Obama's bus that is making headlines. Long story short? "Greyhound One" was manufactured in Canada ... dum Dum DUM!

Obama's two armored, luxury equipped tour buses, ordered by the Secret Service and paid for with taxpayers' dollars, were made in Ontario.


Each of the two buses cost $1.1 million and were made by the same company, Prevost, that produces high-end tour buses for rock stars -- Kid Rock and Travis Tritt travel in Prevost buses. But when the President of the US does it, while on tour to talk about bringing jobs back to America, it's a little different.

I just don't see why he would allow himself to be so vulnerable to attack. No, riding around in a Canadian bus is not the end of the world, but it's opened him up to criticism and judgment. It doesn't matter that G.W. Bush traveled in a Canadian-made bus too for his 2004 "Yes, America Can" tour; all that matters is that Obama overlooked this small detail and he could suffer for it. Any false, contradictory step in this stage of the game can be costly.

Green technology has also been a platform Obama's been on top of, and his 50-car caravan isn't making much sense either. He's got the two buses (did I mention they were made in Canada?), 15 cop cars, and 22 SUVs, and a handful of vans. Do any of them run on alternative fuel?

If Obama could do his Midwest listening tour over, I'm sure in a perfect world, he would've liked American-made buses and support vehicles that run on veggie oil. But what's done is done. He'll be boarding Air Force One in a day or two to fly back home to Washington to concentrate on that pesky deficit sitch. The bus will soon be ancient history.

Or will it be? Do you think it was just a minor gaffe or a major one that Obama's buses were made in Canada?

Photo via Joe Raedle/Getty

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