What's Brewing for the Week Of: August 17 (VIDEO)

what's brewing logoHere's What's Brewing this week at The Stir.

Each week in our video series, we feature five of the most talked about posts you might have missed on the site. Today we're bringing you stories about a military band doing an amazing cover of a popular Adele song; Hilary Duff announcing her pregnancy; 25 ways to be a happier mom; and more. The only similarity between these five buzz-worthy stories? They all generated A LOT of chatter.

Let's take a look ...


Breast Implants Are a Bad Idea for Great-Grandmothers

Military Cover of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ Is Awesome (VIDEO)

Hilary Duff Planned Her Pregnancy Perfectly

25 Ways to Be a Happier Mom

These Kid Dancers Put Everyone to Shame (VIDEO)

Which performance did you find more impressive: The military band covering Adele or the cute kid dancers?


Military Adele cover via YouTube; Hilary Duff image via Splashnews.com; Cute kid dancers via YouTube

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