Mom Should Get Life in Prison for DIY Circumcision on Baby

keemonta petersonNot sure if you recall, but a few months ago, a 30-year-old mom from Portland, Keemonta Peterson, tried to circumcise her 3-month-old son with nothing but a pair of box cutters, pliers, and the "instruction" of a YouTube video. The result? Not so good. The poor baby was in critical condition after he experienced uncontrollable bleeding and intense pain. (He's since made a full recovery.) Peterson waited two hours before calling paramedics.

Thankfully, Peterson was arrested and charged with first- and second-degree assault. Unthankfully, she has been sentenced to five years of probation and the requirement that she undergo psychiatric help. 

That's it?


Clearly, this woman needs mental help, so it's all fine and dandy that she's been ordered to get her head examined, but five years probation? She could have killed her 3-month-old son, for God's sake! She inflicted serious pain upon him, and injured him terribly -- five years probation isn't justice for that. Five years probation is a joke.

Look, did Keemonta intentionally try to hurt her son? I sort of doubt it. She honestly just seems like a loon. Apparently, she was inspired to perform the "surgery" after reading the Old Testament. But still, is she really going to be rehabilitated after a sentence like this? Is she going to think about what she did and how it's wrong while she's out shopping at the mall? I doubt it.

So, I guess all we can hope is that the therapy she receives does something for her. And that she'll never be able to be alone with her kids again.

What do you think this woman's punishment should be?


Image via Multnomah County Sheriff

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