Teen Stabs Great Grandmother to Death Over Video Game

playing video gamesA 14-year-old Georgia boy who stabbed his great grandmother to death with a sword is set to stand trial as an adult. Thank God.

The teen grew angry when he was told to stop playing the video game Halo. He took out a 34- to 36-inch sword and gashed his 55-year-old grandmother, Laura Prince, in the arm, and then killed his 77-year-old great grandmother, Mary Joan Gibbs. When the cops showed up at the home, the boy, who had barricaded himself in, fired a pellet rifle at them several times. After a 10- to 15-minute stand-off, police were finally able to taser him to subdue him.

This attack marks the third time police have encountered the boy in recent months.

Third time? Something's not right here.


Sheriff Phil Miller said that on the two previous occasions, the boy, whose name is obviously withheld, was sent to a hospital to be mentally evaluated and then merely turned over to Juvenile Justice afterwards. But both times the boy was released, despite his violent history. Miller says, "It just seems to me that somebody may not be doing what they could do, or we may be dropping the ball somewhere in the system." I say, "Amen."

Obviously, something is not right with this boy, and that's a terribly sad thing to think about. But it's also terribly sad that he's clearly not getting the treatment he needs, and it's terribly scary that he's out in the world hurting people. Maybe this behavior is a cry for help, maybe he just has serious (serious) anger issues that need to be dealt with. Whatever it is that ails him, it's not going to cured with a brief stint in Juvie.

I feel bad that this is what it's come to for the boy -- being tried as an adult. But perhaps this, and psychiatric help, is the only thing capable of rehabilitating him and protecting other people.

Do you think this boy should be tried as an adult?


Image via RebeccaPollard/Flickr

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