Casey Anthony’s Parents Stoop to New Low With Dr. Phil Interview

casey anthonyDespite offers that were once $1.5 million-plus, Casey Anthony -- you may know her as America's Most Hated Woman -- still hasn't agreed to an interview. But her media-hungry parents, George and Cindy, have.

The couple recently made the decision to sit down with a certain journalist on September 12 for a no holds barred interview where absolutely "nothing is off limits."

That's right, they're sitting down with Dr. Phil.


Freakin' Dr. Phil? What the hell, right? I mean, I love Dr. Phil just as much as the next gal, but this seems like a weird choice for Mr. and Mrs. Anthony. What about Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, Oprah? And the craziest part is that Dr. Phil isn't even paying for the interview -- he's just making a donation to the charity, Caylee's Fund. Innteresting.

After Casey Anthony's verdict was announced, you name the network -- ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN -- they were vying for an interview with her. Then ABC, integrity-full network that they are, pulled out of the bidding war, because, in so many words, they were above it. Mind you, this is the same network that airs Bachelor Pad and conducted an interview with Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez. Then, of course, other networks had to follow suit, because, well, they didn't want to be the only dirtbags looking to cash in. An NBC News spokeswoman said, “We’ve talked with Baez about getting an interview with Casey Anthony, but only under NBC News standards and conditions -- no payment, and absolutely no job offers for members of her defense team.” Then came CBS. A spokeswoman for their network said, “CBS News is not offering and will not offer to license any materials from Casey Anthony.” Dr. Phil's show airs on CBS.

So, I guess what happened is all the networks -- save for probably a few less popular ones -- decided to back out of this crazy bidding war for Casey Anthony, leaving her parents with slim pickin's. Perhaps they just chose to sit down with Dr. Phil because, I dunno, they like him best. His Southern charm is hard to resist.

I'm glad everyone decided to ditch their insane-o offers for, let's be honest, a killer, in hopes that it will boost their ratings. Maybe now we'll actually get the truth out of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony since they've got nothing to gain. Or maybe they're just totally inappropriate, media-hungry parents who hope this interview will lead to something else.

What do you think of Casey Anthony's parents giving an interview with Dr. Phil? Or an interview in general?


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