Flash Mob That Robbed 7-Eleven Ruins Fun for Everyone (VIDEO)

flash mobThere are just some people that ruin it for the rest of us, you know? A flash mob used to be an innocent, clean way of having a ton of organized fun. Now there's a darker side. A so-called "flash mob robbery" took place in Germantown, Maryland late Saturday night and police are looking for any information anyone might have. A flash mob of at least 28 teenagers walked into a 7-Eleven around 1:45 a.m. and stole candy, chips, sodas, and whatever else they could get their hands on, then walked out the door without paying. Sad.

The Philadelphia mayor issued a curfew for teens after flash mobs in his city got dangerous; maybe this DC suburb will follow suit.


Kids these days, eh, EH? Am I right? Leave it to teens to take a perfectly harmless source of entertainment and turn it into a harmful crime. I feel for the 7-Eleven owner -- I wonder how much he lost. He must have been so psyched to see all those teens come in (Slurpee sales!), then pretty pissed to realize that they were all robbing him. He pressed the silent alarm once he discovered what they were up to, and police responded within a minute of the call, but by then the mob was gone.

School officials are working with the local authorities to ID the teens on the tape -- unfortunately for the flash mob, the surveillance recording clearly shows many of their faces. D'oh. They say they're going after the ringleaders of the thieving mob and that those caught will face serious charges.

And I hope they do. I mean, within reason and the law of course. But it's just such a shame (I sound like my grandmother) that flash mobs are now being used for evil instead of good. It's a trend that's been popping up recently -- I mentioned the Philly crackdown -- but other evil flash mobs have robbed a luxury boutique in DC, one disrupted the Wisconsin State Fair, and one in Ohio was organized to brawl at an event ... come on, teens! Cut it out.

Don't make me start my own flash mob that fights crimes committed by other flash mobs. Because I will. Don't make me.

Has your town been affected by an evil flash mob?

WATCH the flash mob rob the 7-Eleven:

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