Dad Decapitates Disabled Son & Leaves Head for Mom to Find

jeremiah lee wrightI wish there was a nice story in the news today about a father playing catch with his son, but no. Instead we've got a story out of Louisiana of a father decapitating his special needs son and leaving the severed head in the driveway. Today, 30-year-old Jeremiah Lee Wright is in custody after confessing to chopping off his 7-year-old son's head over the kitchen sink and leaving the head in the driveway so that when Mom returned from running errands, she'd see it and feel bad.

Witnesses who were driving by the home and saw the head near the street called the cops, but at first, no one thought the head was real, and I can't blame them. Who could imagine it belonged to little Jori Lirette?


When the cops asked Wright about the head, he said it belonged to a mannequin, that it was just a joke. Later when being questioned about the murder, it would seem that is just how he saw his son, as an inanimate object.

The police chief Scott Silverii told CNN:

During the interview Wright said he was taking care of [the child] for so many years and he just started to look at him as no longer his son, just an inanimate object. He and the child's mother had some issues. And he purposely put the child's head in a position for her to see it.

Jori suffered from cerebral palsy as well as a number of other disabilities. He was never able to talk, was bound to a wheelchair, and required feeding tubes. Jori's mother Jesslyn gave a press conference where she expressed her sadness and explained that despite what people thought, Jori was her top priority.

From the sound of things, there seems to have been some deep resentment, anger, and confusion between Jori's parents -- from accusations that the mom was absentee to the fact that the father was so wildly out of his mind to go so far as beheading his son with a hacksaw and leaving the body in a white plastic bag in a garbage can, exhibiting a serious lack of mental capability and culpability. How deranged must one be to do such a thing?

The father is being charged with first degree murder and his bond has been set at $5 million. The mother has asked for privacy at this time.

I think the only thing that can make me feel better now is that for every father who takes his son's life, there are 10 million who are there coaching little league, putting Band-Aids on bee stings, and telling bedtime stories. Hopefully Jori will find that comfort and happiness wherever he is now.

Thoughts on this horrifying story?

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