Casey Anthony Book Will Feed Our Sick Obsession

Like it or not, Casey Anthony needs to make money, and the way she is going to make money is going to offend some (or all) of us. Reports are coming in from dubious sources that she has inked a large book deal. Though her lawyers deny it, we all know if it isn't true today, it will be true someday in the near future. And when she writes it, it will be a bestseller.

The Los Angeles Examiner cites anonymous sources who say Anthony just signed a book deal worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The website claims Casey has agreed to a tell-all book (that will even reveal Caylee Anthony's father) and will receive a six-figure cash advance.

It's sick and twisted, but those obsessed with the case will eat it up. Whether they admit it or not.


For some reason, the public has long been obsessed with Anthony, who was acquitted in July of charges she murdered her 2-year-old daughter in 2008. Most people think she got away with murder and she went into hiding after being released.

Late last week, she was ordered to return to Florida August 26 to serve a one-year probation on check fraud charges. While her attorneys are fighting the order (probably to save her life), the news about this "book deal" came out. It may be true. It may not be true. The source isn't reputable, though ABC News did pick it up, too.

According to the Examiner, the ghostwritten book will discuss the Anthony family, her experience as a teen mom, her relationship with her brother (was there incest or not?), and will also discuss Caylee's father.

She needs to prove she has a job to serve her probation and the book deal is a job. It sounds like a plausible thing even if her lawyers deny it. And she will make a fortune.

Who wouldn't read that? Our nation's obsession with the case is a bit ridiculous, but obsessed we are and try as we might, we won't be able to resist the temptation to hear the "truth" from Anthony herself. It's sick and wrong, and it will be a bestseller whether it happens today or in five months.

We are a short-sighted society whose desire for information overrides our morals. Mark my words.

Would you buy this book?


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