Twin Boy Makes $50K Hockey Shot, But Insane Dad Returns the Money

nate and nick smithIf parents had 11-year-old twins, I'd imagine the thought of paying college tuition -- twice -- has already crossed their minds. I'd also imagine if said parents won $50,000 from a contest, they'd be jumping up and down with joy at the fortuitous happenstance. Not Pat Smith and his sons, Nick and Nate. Nope. In fact, they'll send the money right back to where it came from.

Last week, Pat took his twins to a charity hockey game, where he entered a raffle -- with Nick's name -- to win the chance to try to make an extremely difficult goal for 50 grand. As the game went on, Nick got tired and went home. But then his name was picked for the raffle. Since he wasn't there, Nate took his shot in his stead. And made it!

But ... scruples got the best of Pat, and he came clean the next day.

Is this man insane?!!!


Pat told ABC News, "I just felt I had to do the right thing. I just think that honesty is more important than any prize or money you could get." Blah, blah, blah, yes, of course it is, but, dude, it's $50,000! You could put your two kids through college. Hell, you could just build a really nice addition on to your house!

I know, I know, I probably seem callous right now, don't I? Truth is, if I was in the situation myself, I'm not sure I'd be able to keep the money either. Partly because it is wrong. Mainly because I'd be so nervous I was going to get caught, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the winnings.

The insurance company that underwrote the event, Odds on Promotions, probably will wind up paying the Smiths regardless. I mean, how can they not? Guy comes clean about a slight technicality, revealing himself as one of the most honest people this fine country's ever seen. It would be terrible business not to. Also, that kid deserves the money -- he made a once-in-a-lifetime shot!

So, looks like twins Nate and Nick might just be getting the best of both worlds in this situation: College tuition and a lesson in integrity no money could ever buy. Goooaaaal!

Would you come clean?

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