Tragic Sugarland Stage Collapse Is Terrifying (VIDEO)

There are few ways more fun to celebrate the late summer than a concert with friends -- enjoying the warm summer wind, listening to good tunes by a favorite band like Sugarland. But that late summer fun turned tragic Saturday night when a storm ripped down a stage at the Indiana State Fair, killing four people and injuring 40 more.

Witnesses say that just hours before, the mood had been festive, the skies clear and the sun beating down. Then the dark, ominous clouds rolled in. Sugarland, the show's main act was just about to take the stage when a gust of wind going about 60 MPH toppled the stage.

In the video, you can hear the gasps of the spectators, many of whom later tried to rescue those trapped under the fallen scaffolding. See for yourself:


It is a chilling reminder of how quickly life can change. One minute you are in the sun, happy and free, ready to have the time of your life. In a second, the clouds roll in and everything changes.

My heart goes out to all the families who were just there trying to have a good time when everything changed in an instant. It is hard to watch the video without gasping, but imagine what it was like to be there. To see that happen and not be able to stop it must have been terrifying.

I am sure many of the people who witnessed the collapse will have nightmares for months to come.

Have you ever seen anything like that video?

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