Casey Anthony Should be Left Alone in Her New Home

Casey Anthony has been laying low since her acquittal on first degree murder for Caylee Anthony's death last month, but things are about to change for her. She has been ordered to report back to Orlando to serve probation for one year on forging checks and now things are going to get ugly.

Anthony has been in hiding for good reason. Half the world it seems wants the once young and single mom dead. Most people feel she got away with murder. And although, the judge who ordered her back to Florida is allowing her an exception to the rule that she must disclose her address, she is probably still in danger. Anthony has to report to a state Department of Corrections facility in Orlando no later than noon on August 26.

The night she was released from prison, people chanted "Caylee, Caylee", they carried signs asking for Anthony to burn in hell and some called for a boycott of anything the Anthonys do post-trial. Many others threatened her life.


It makes sense. Many feel Anthony got away with murdering an innocent little girl. They think she is a liar and that she murdered Caylee Anthony so she could party it up and get tattoos celebrating her "beautiful life" of freedom to drink and have sex with random men.

They may be right. She may have gotten away with something. But they may also be wrong. Consider for a moment that 12 jurors found her not guilty. Isn't it possible that they know something we don't? Isn't it possible that the prosecution failed because she was, in fact, NOT guilty?

It may not be likely. But it is possible. There was enough reasonable doubt that getting her on first-degree murder was impossible. Whether you believe she is lying or not, the jury did the right thing. And now is not the time for vigilante justice.

At least this is some punishment. It may not fit the crime we think she committed, but what really would? Under the terms of her probation, Anthony must check in with her probation office once a month and answer all questions. She cannot violate "any law" and is not allowed to drink to excess and will be given regular breath, urine and blood tests to assess how much alcohol and controlled substances are in her body.

She may also be prohibited from visiting bars and places where drinks are sold. At least this is something, right?

Anthony could be innocent. It is highly improbable and even the best case scenario is that she covered up her daughter's accidental death and lied for months, thus making her a pretty hideous person. But the fact is, anyone who would kill her or hurt her would be guilty of murder. Who made some vigilante the judge, jury and executioner?

We can be angry. We can say it is unfair and justice was not served for Caylee. All of that would be true. But no one can harm Casey Anthony. And if they do, they are just as guilty as they seem to think she is.

Do you think Anthony will be safe in Florida?


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