Urinating JetBlue Passenger Is Worse Than Screaming Baby

Jet BlueYou've heard the stories. Your bestie got on an airplane full of crying babies and toddlers who kicked the back of the seat. There was an 8-year-old whose game system wouldn't stop making annoying noises, and don't let her get started on the 5-year-old strewing cheddar bunny crumbs all over the place. We get it: kids on planes have a bad rap. And then there's the guy on the JetBlue flight this week who peed on an 11-year-old's leg.

Did I mention he was an adult? And he was drunk? And all the kid was doing when the guy whipped out his manhood and started spraying her with urine was sleeping? Suuuuuure, the kids on the planes are the problem. Uh huh.


Apparently Robert Vietze had over-imbibed, and he couldn't wait until the plane from Portland, Oregon landed at New York's JFK. Nor could he stumble all the way to the bathroom. He made it five rows before cops say he opened his fly, whipped it out, and just let it flow ... on the sleeping kid. What a jerk!

And making an even better case for "it's not always the kids who suck," it wasn't even a fellow adult passenger that rescued the kid! The girl's dad -- who was headed back from his own trip to the bathroom -- had to start screaming at Vietze to put that thing back in his pants and leave his daughter alone.

The truth is, when you get on an airplane, you're stuck in a sardine can with people of all different stripes. You have the bratty, screamy kids and the perfect angels. You have the guy who hogs the armrest and falls asleep blowing his nasty coffee breath right in your face and the sweetie pie who talks you down from crazypants to just a little nervous during takeoff. And then there's the drunk who pees on your kid's leg.

Let's round up all the awful stories you've heard about mishaps on airplanes and do a little count -- how many of them were kids being kids, and how many of them were adults being complete morons? That's what I thought. I'd take a baby over a guy who wants to pee on my leg any day.

How about you?


Image via Moto@Club4AG/Flickr

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