Family Reunited With Dog a Year After Horrific Accident

malteseAnyone who's sick of hearing gloom and doom stories, raise your hand. Two ... three ... seven ... okay, looks like it's unanimous. We've all had it with talk about our plummeting economy and people dying, and are generally jonesing for some gosh darn good news. Well, guess what? We're in luck!

Last year, the Benson family of Michigan was involved in a horrible car crash in New Mexico. (Stay with me, it gets better.) In the accident, father, Gary, and daughter, Emily, were killed. (I'm getting to the good part!) Also, the family dog, a Maltese named Caesar, ran away. (Almost there! Come back!) Well now, over 12 months later, Caesar's been found and he's being reunited with his family!

Told you there was good news.


Caesar was discovered in Tucamari, Texas at the animal shelter, where one of the workers there realized that the pooch had one of those microchip tracking devices in him after taking him to the vet. She traced him back to the Bensons and, after a barrage of phone calls, finally got in touch with the family. The pup is currently on his way to Amarillo, where he will be flown to Oklahoma City, and then from there he'll travel by car and plane to the Bensons in Michigan.

Monica Benson, the mom of the group, said, "This has been the best news we have received in a year. Words cannot describe how much this means." She also said that her 18-month old son, Benjamin, who was placed in ICU after the accident (he's okay now), kept saying, "Caesar" when he was in the hospital. Needless to say, all four of Monica's children are excited beyond belief to see their dog. They've decorated the house with "Welcome home, Caesar" posters.

Is your heart melting all over the place right now? Are you in a puddle on the floor? If not, you oughta check your pulse. Because it really doesn't get any better than this. Yay for good news!

How great is this?


Image via edavid3001/Flickr

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