Obama's Big Bin Laden Film 'Plan' Reeks of GOP Desperation

hurt locker sceneSeems that Maureen Dowd has taken it upon herself to stir up some trouble for President Obama. She wrote recently in her New York Times column that the President shared top-secret info about the plot to kill Osama bin Laden with Hollywood execs, so Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow could make a propaganda-ish movie that would hopefully boost the President's image before next year's election.

While there will be a film about Bin Laden coming out before the 2012 election, the White House has called the report about sensitive leaked info "ridiculous." Nonetheless, anything that could vaguely sound like it has even a shred of truth to it that could potentially make Obama look bad is something Republican leaders salivate over, with hopes they could use it in some way, shape, or form against him. That's precisely what New York Republican Rep. Peter King seems to want to do.


King, the head of the Homeland Security Committee, is challenging the "advisability of providing Hollywood executives with access to covert military operators and clandestine CIA officers." King's all worked up about "operational secrets" being revealed in a film. Wow, yes, I'm SURE Obama divulged ALL of the CIA and Defense Department's dirty big secrets to his Tinseltown BFFs, like Bigelow, the Weinstein bros., Denzel Washington (for good racial measure) over lunch at Musso & Frank.

What this is really about? King and other Repubs must be hoping they can use this highly-doubtful "White House leak" to transform one of Obama's hugest accomplishments into something that tarnishes his rep and brings him down.

Guess railing out on him for "job-killing" (HA!) health care reform isn't enough at this point? Oh no! Do too many people actually APPROVE of that now? Find it, err, more HELPFUL than hurtful to their lives? Maybe! So, Plan B to undermining his re-election must be to make him look like a fame-seeking fool who is compromising our national security. Hahaha. This is the level they've stooped to. It's so ridiculous, it's like a sketch in a Second City improv comedy show. In short, it's laughable.

Actually, you know, they're probably just jealous there's no way in hell their 2012 propaganda drivel The Undefeated could compete with something that actually gets released in mainstream theaters.

What do you make of Rep. King's concerns?


Image via thehurtlocker-movie.com

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