America’s 10 Most Hated List Is Pathetic

Casey AnthonyThe votes are in, and it's official. Casey Anthony is officially the most despised piece of pond scum in the lower 48. If that isn't really news, how about this? She just edged out reality "star" Spencer Pratt to land on top of the "most hated American" list. Really, America?

You have that much pent-up loathing for a celebrity dirtbag who is famous only for appearing on an MTV show? He may win the award for most annoying pseudo-celebrity, but let's spell this one out for y'all:


Casey Anthony killed her kid. Yeah, yeah, she got off. Not guilty. Blah, blah. She ALLEGEDLY killed her kid. But pretty much everyone in the entire US of A THINKS she did it. And they still hate her just a smidge more than a guy from a docusoap.

And if that wasn't enough of an "OMG, America's really a cesspool" shocker for you, we're not done! America's other "I know he killed someone, but he totally got off" creep, one OJ Simpson, does not show up on the list until number four. That's two slots below the (appropriately named) poncy prat with the unfortunate curls.

America, this is so not cool. Our culture may be celebrity-obsessed, but I'd like to think that with the proliferation of legal dramas on TV, we have a wee bit of an interest in seeing real evil eradicated. Heck, with a Law & Order episode available just about every time I turn on my cable box, I'm pretty darn aware of how many creeps and psychos are lurking out there -- if I really thought about it, I don't know that I could sleep at night (hence my preference for True Blood or Glee!).

If we don't rank the true evil in society higher on our "most hated" lists, what does that say about us? Take a look at who made the list and let us know, who belongs and who do you simply ignore?

1. Casey Anthony

2. Spencer Pratt

3. Nadya Suleman

4. O.J. Simpson

5. Jon Gosselin

6. Kate Gosselin

7. Levi Johnston

8. Paris Hilton

9. Heidi Fleiss

10. Howard Stern

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