Arizona Man Shoots Off His Penis With Fiance's Pink Pistol

crotch shotAn Arizona man is in the hospital today after a trip to a convenience store with his fiance turned deadly. Deadly for his penis, that is. Joshua Seto was carrying girlfriend Cara Christopher's pink pistol in his waistband when the firearm accidentally went off and hit him where it hurts most -- the bullet ripped through his penis and exited out his left thigh. Can you say, “Anyone who inadvertently shoots his dick off with a pink gun deserves what’s coming to him”?

It’s stories like these that remind me that it's never safe to let anyone else carry my pink pistol -- gah! It's like you never know, you know? One minute you ask your soon-to-be-husband to hold your gun, the next thing you know, he's shot off his manhood. Some wedding night that's gonna be. Adding insult to nut sack injury, Seto could be headed to jail for his bonehead move.


The Chandler, Arizona police say that Seto is facing possible gun charges. Guess you can't go around shooting yourself in the junk and expect to get away with it.

Witnesses in the parking lot said the scene looked pretty gruesome; there was a lot of blood. His fiance told the dispatcher that yeah, she looked at the wound, and yeah, it looked pretty bad. Do you think it's right then and there that she reconsidered getting married? No word yet on if any permanent damage has been done ... but uh, he shot himself in the dingle. Either way you look at it, he's either a moron without a penis or a lucky moron with a big scar -- not exactly quality marriage material if you ask me. 

Police officers are taking this opportunity to remind gun owners that shooting themselves carrying a gun in their waistband is not advised. This "tough guy" move has been made famous in the movies, but really a holster is much safer. Even if you're shy about holstering your lady friend's pastel gun, it still might save a life, or a penis.

Now that Seto has blasted off his pink gun with a pink gun, I hope he's learned a lesson and has a full recovery. Otherwise, that wedding is going to be preee-tty awkward.


Photo via ElvertBarnes/Flickr

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