Mysterious Orange Goo Invading Alaska Is Alive!

orange gooRemember last week when we told you about the strange orange goo invading the shores of a remote village in Alaska? And how nobody could explain what the mysterious substance was (but we were pretty dang sure it was alien larvae)? Well, guess what?

We were right!

Probably. Just wait until you hear the details; I'm sure you'll agree. Here's what happened: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association went to the village Kivalina (in northwestern Alaska, about 625 miles from Anchorage) and collected samples of the sunshine-colored slime.

Then they put the samples under a microscope. And what do you think they discovered??


The goo is in fact made up of millions of teeny-tiny eggs with "oily deposits" inside. Eggs!!! But they don't know what kind of creatures laid these eggs.

Um ... yikes?!?!?!

Some unidentified beings laid enough teeny-weeny eggs to cover a village in Alaska and we don't have any idea what could potentially hatch out of these things? ALARM! ALARM. And it doesn't make me feel any better that scientists' current "best guess" is some sort of crustacean, given that all of the monsters from recent alien movies seem to resemble giant crawfish.

Even if the eggs aren't from another galaxy, they still need to be de-coded and cleaned up soon, for the sake of Kivalina's residents. No one is certain whether or not the eggs are harmful to marine life, which is the lifeblood of the village, or harmful to humans (drinking water contamination is a concern). And as the eggs dry, they apparently turn into a "fine aerosol powder" that could pose a problem for anything that breathes.

I almost don't want to know what's going to happen in the next chapter of The Goo That Ate Alaska!

What do you think will hatch out of those eggs?

Image via NOAA

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