Obama Campaign Takes Silly Swipe at Mitt Romney's Skinny Jeans

mitt romneyDespite the fact that there are several Republican candidates jockeying for the GOP nomination, President Obama's reelection campaign seems to be zeroing in on one of them -- Mitt Romney. A curious report in Politico maintains that campaign organizers are planning a "ferocious personal assault" on the former Massachusetts governor, and it appears that nothing will be off-limits. In addition to an attack on Romney's business background and flip-flops on abortion, the Obama team is going below the belt -- quite literally -- and taking a swipe at his jeans.


Much like the Democrats pegged John McCain as "erratic" in the 2008 election, it's reported that the Obama team will focus on attacking Romney's "weirdness" and being disconnected from the American people. One of the weirdest things about him: The GAP skinny jeans he donned at a campaign event in New Hampshire back in March, which allegedly he wore to appear less stuffy. According to Democrats, the jeans are evidence "... that he’s not comfortable in his own skin, and that gives people a sense of unease." In other words, he's way too awkward to be President.

If anything, I would think that bad jeans would make Romney more attractive to the American people. After all, I see hundreds, maybe thousands of people wearing ill-chosen jeans on a daily basis; the fact that he has similar fashion sense should make him more connected to the average voter.

Plus, I find it hypocritical that the Obama campaign would pretend to be such an authority on proper denim when, in fact, President Obama himself was mocked for his baggy mom jeans.

Not to mention the fact, it seems like a desperate move to criticize an opponent's outfit when there are so many more important issues to focus on. And is the Obama team so worried about Romney that they would sink so low as to label him as "weird"? Hopefully, this isn't a preview to how catty the 2012 election is going to turn out to be between the two candidates.


Image via nmfbihop/Flickr

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