Glacier Collapse in Alaska Gives Tourists More Than They Paid For (VIDEO)

glacier collapseTourists go to Alaska to experience its wild beauty, but travellers aboard a boat cruising down the Tracy Arm fjord may have gotten more than they bargained for when a glacier collapsed right before their eyes. The 200-foot ice wall started rumbling and tumbling as the stunned passengers looked on and, of course, videotaped. It seemed as if the people were getting a great show, something to write home about for sure, that is until the ice chunks started flying at their faces.

Iceberg! Right ahead!


Guess there wasn't a salty British guy in the crow's nest warning passengers of the forthcoming danger. You can tell that the tourists thought it was an amazing display of nature (which it totally was) until 10 seconds in when a giant section broke off, crashed into the water, and sent frozen masses and a giant wave right for their boat. Apparently, a woman broke her leg when she hit the deck -- I think she's the one moaning in the video.

Anyway, since I've seen Titanic 1,347 times, I totally would've been ready for such an icy encounter had I been on that boat. Clearly I would've instructed a string quartet to start playing, I would've insisted the life boats only carry a couple of passengers to safety, would've made sure an elderly couple held each other in bed as the water filled in around them, definitely would've robbed as many safe deposit boxes as possible, and certainly would've contacted a nearby ship using Morse code. It's called being prepared and proactive, people.

No one reacted as I would've, but for the most part, everyone stayed safe. Glaciers constantly melt and refreeze, so its disintegration isn't an anomaly, but the fact that it happened to go down just as a group of camera-ready excursionists showed up is stupid (or lucky) timing.

Has anything crazy happened while you were on vacation?

WATCH the glacier collapse and shoot ice at people:

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