Angry Mom Uses Brilliant Banner Over Wall Street to Protest U.S. Government

banner flying over wall street thanks for the downgrade you should all be firedWhile the rest of the country seemed to be at their wits' end about the economy and the state of our government yesterday, New Yorkers were even more livid, thanks to the economic situation PLUS crappy weather, horrendous traffic, and multiple transportation meltdowns. But at least some got a chuckle when a plane flew over Wall Street and past Standard & Poor's New York HQ, carrying a banner that read, "Thanks For The Downgrade: You Should All Be Fired." Ha! What on earth ...? 

I wasn't lucky enough to see it in person, but when I read about it, my first thought was, "Pretty funny! But who did this? And who exactly do they want fired?"

Turns out, it wasn't aimed at Wall Streeters (although they definitely deserve it!) or Standard & Poor's for downgrading the U.S. credit rating. Instead, the aerial stunt, which was commissioned by a single mom of two and banker from St. Louis, Lucy Nobbe, was aimed at the U.S. government.


She had wanted to fly the message over D.C., but since she couldn't, Wall Street was her second choice.

Overall, what Nobbe did was completely brilliant! I especially love how she explained her motivation:

I couldn't believe this happened because [politicians] were acting silly and being irresponsible ... I'm just a mother from St. Louis who feels the only reason we got downgraded was people in politics.

Whether you see eye-to-eye with her or not, I have a feeling her banner and sentiment speak for MANY Americans, especially "just mothers," who are sick to death of all of the political games and in-fighting that have contributed to the tarnishing of our economy and our country as a whole.

It was also really sweet to hear that her "gimmick" resonated with her children, two daughters, who are 15 and 11 years old. One told the local news that their mom "definitely stands up," and she's really proud of her and "glad to have a mom like that." Yes! So awesome! I love that these girls are learning how to be outspoken from their mom. Sure, not everyone can hire a plane to fly a banner across Wall Street to make a national statement, but I think what Nobbe showed us is that we can each do our part, find our own way to protest as she did. There's no doubt someone -- or everyone -- could end up listening.

Here's the news story from Nobbe's local news station ...


What do you think of Nobbe's "gimmick"?


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