Teen Shoots & Kills Her Little Sister for Most Trivial Reason Ever

pink cell phoneCould this tragic story of an argument between Florida siblings that turned fatal have had a different ending? Well, that depends ...

Elena Rendell, 17, is accused of shooting her 14-year-old foster sister, Christine, in the neck as they fought over a cellphone at their home. According to police, the two siblings had gotten into an argument over the phone when Elena grabbed a 9mm handgun from a bedroom, pointed it at her sister, and fired a single shot. What happened next is heartbreaking: Elena ran out of the house shouting for help. Christine was taken to the hospital but later died from injuries from the shooting. Elena is in juvenile custody and will be charged as an adult with second-degree manslaughter with a firearm.

But there seems to be a missing piece to this story ...


Namely, where the teenager got a gun in the first place. In most states, you have to be at least 18 years of age (and in most cases 21) to possess guns, particularly a handgun. Surely, the gun belonged to an adult in the household who made it accessible to these juveniles, in which case, shouldn't he/she share some of the blame as well?

Of course, at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter who the gun belonged to -- what matters is that this young woman shot and killed a family member over something as meaningless as a cellphone. It's likely she pulled the trigger in a fit of rage and not because she intended to shoot her dead. And the fact that she ran from the house trying to get help for her sister indicates she had at least some remorse. Still, the extent of the violence among teens over something so trivial is disturbing, not to mention very upsetting.

Who do you think should be blamed in this horrific story: the teen, the owner of the gun, or both?


Image via janineomg/Flickr

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