Bad Karma: Lobstermen Trap Lobsters As They're Set Free By Buddhists

Run, lobster, run!
A group of 30 Buddhists with a mission went to a seafood wholesaler in Gloucester, Massachusetts, to rescue lobsters that were inevitably going to be bought and eaten. They purchased 534 of the yummy crustaceans and dumped them back into the sea with a prayer ceremony that included mantras, cutting off their rubber bands, and blessing them with holy water. Their emancipation probably felt terrific, made even better by the fact that food for them to eat just seemed to be all over the place.

You see, the food they found was in traps that enterprising lobstermen had laid in the area after getting wind of the Buddhists' release plan. Lobstermen aboard the fishing vessel Degelyse cruised to the site of the ceremony, set their traps, and picked up each and every one of the lobbies the Buddhists had released. Picking-up-lobsters-after-a-Buddhist-release-ceremony is the new shooting fish in a barrel.


That is, assuming the story is true. It's been reported by the Boston Globe and Reuters, but it sounds kinda fishy, doesn't it? Anyway, assuming it really did happen, let's move on.

Part of me thinks the lobstermen are genius -- it's their job to catch lobsters, it's what they do best, and if someone is going to launch close to 550 of them into their pocket, then so be it -- but the other part of me is shaking her head, hugging herself, eyes so wide her contacts are stretching, saying over and over "no no no no no no." There's just something wrong about it on some sort of cosmic level. I won't be surprised if I read later on that these lobstermen woke up one morning with inexplicable rubber bands around their hands and boiling water at their feet, you know?

The lobstermen told that the Buddhists are more than welcome to buy the lobsters again and set them free. Selling the same lobster three times sounds like it would break some sort of record -- the lobster probably thinks it's deja vu all over again.

I'm a lobster lover, in that I love to eat them, so I really can't throw stones here. While I think some sort of moral code would stop me from capturing the buggers after being blessed and set free by peaceful Buddhists, I can't really judge since I gobble up their delicious bodies every chance I get.

Great. Now all I want is a lobster roll with drawn butter and coleslaw.

What do you think of what the lobstermen did?

Photo via tuppus/Flickr

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