Michele Bachmann Doesn't Need 'Newsweek' to Make Her Look Crazy (PHOTO)

michele bachmann newsweek coverEver since the great and cringe-worthy Princess Diana Debacle of June 2011, Newsweek hasn't been the same. Under Tina Brown's editorial eye, they've been going for the shock value, it seems, looking to get people talking. And they're succeeding -- especially this week with their Michele Bachmann cover. The photo, in no uncertain terms, makes the GOP presidential candidate look like a wild-eyed crazy person, complete with the coverline, "The Queen of Rage." 

Of course, the GOP and the Tea Party in particular are SUPER offended by this, because they say the "lamestream media" is once again targeting their peeps, making 'em look like a bunch of crazy people who are backing even kookier candidates. Wah wah.


The general consensus from the right can be summed up by one blogger's boo-hoo:

Can anyone really say with a straight face that the mainstream media is not totally biased against conservatives?

What's that? Newsweek MADE the nutty Tea Party Queen look ... nutty?! Interesting. Actually, I think conservatives are pointing the finger at the wrong party. Newsweek doesn't HAVE to make Michele Bachmann look or seem crazy. As most sane Americans know, the woman IS crazy. I agree the coverline is inflammatory, perhaps even unnecessary. Tina could have let the photo speak for itself, but I guess she wasn't going for subtlety. That aside, the photo is ALL Bachmann; it's not as if it was PhotoShopped to make her look wackier than she already is.

Furthermore, Newsweek hasn't exactly been PUTTING words in her mouth. They're not to blame for her coming off as hopelessly ignorant, as she screws up basic facts about U.S. history again and again. Oh, and hmm, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the publication had no part in marrying her to a (possibly closeted) man named Marcus who tries to "cure" homosexuals.

The magazine is just reflecting the (wacky) reality of Bachmann back to the public, and if the GOP is so offended by how crazy their candidate looks, seems, and sounds, maybe they should reconsider running her for President.

What do you think of this Newsweek cover?


Image via Newsweek

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