Frazzled Mom Banned From Grocery Store for 'Stealing' Milk

fairway grocery storeA New York woman has been banned from her local supermarket for shoplifting a half-gallon of milk and a six-pack of beer. Elissa Drassinower, 33, was grocery shopping at her local Fairway with her toddler son when her hand basket got too heavy and she decided to put the milk and beer under the stroller. When it came time to check out, she paid for her other groceries, but forgot about the items in the stroller, then walked out the door.

Next thing she knows, she's approached by security guards with photos and forms, telling her she is hereby banned from ever returning to the store. Banished for life, they say!


Drassinower tried explaining that it was an honest mistake, that when her boy got fussy in the checkout line, she got distracted and forgot to put the milk and beer on the conveyor belt, but security was having none of it. The stay-at-home mom insisted she wasn't shoplifting on purpose, and explained to the NY Post:

My hand basket was getting so heavy, my arm was turning red. So I put the milk and a six-pack of Corona under the stroller. When I was checking out, my son, who was really cranky, started acting up, and I forgot to pay for the milk and the beer ... The security guard took my photograph, told me I was banned from Fairway for life and said I was lucky she didn't call the police. I was crying, my 20-month-old son was crying. It was humiliating.

Yikes. Being banned for life is so intense, and so Shakespearean. I have no idea if Drassinower, who does not have a criminal record, was trying to steal or not, but I'll just go ahead and hope and assume it was an accident. Apparently this is a move that moms with strollers do, that there are weirdos out there who actually get a rush from stealing groceries, but I hope Drassinower isn't one of them. It's probably the perfect crime because it seems so damn plausible, so if she is one of the bad girls getting a buzz from stealing beer, her banishment sounds appropriate.

Unfortunately we may never know the truth, but one thing's for sure, Drassinower will not be going back to that Fairway to pick up anything any time soon. And by "any time soon," I mean never again in her lifetime.

Have you ever shoplifted accidentally? Do you think her banishment is too harsh?

Photo via Paul Albertrella/Flickr

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