Horrifying Ohio Shooting Spree Claims Life of Child, 7 Others

crime sceneSomething went tragically wrong inside a family home just before noon in Copley Township, close to Akron, Ohio. There was a shooting and eight people are dead, including the gunman, but what's so upsetting is that this happened on what could have been any lazy Sunday morning in any home in any town.

What could possibly possess someone to open fire and kill everyone around? Everyone ... including an 11-year-old boy.

The story is still breaking but as details are emerging, I can only keep saying why. And I get chills thinking about what we know so far about the killings.


We do know there was an argument. But what kind of argument could cause a person to murder? Did the gunman murder his family members? Was he visiting a friend's home? A woman who fled the home when the shootings broke out ran to a nearby house and told the resident that someone has shot her husband point blank in the head. The neighbor, Lindy McCrady, then said that she began screaming, "My son, my son, my 11-year-old son."

I can feel that mother's anguish just in those words.

Another local, Jeff Kirby who was visiting his mother's house which was a block from the incident, said he heard about 15 shots around 10:30 a.m. -- there were even several moments of silence between the gunfire.

The Police Chief shared that five of the victims were killed in the house and two more were murdered on the road near the home. When the police arrived at the residence, the shooter was holed up inside and began shooting at the police. They returned fire, killing him as well. Two others were wounded and at a local hospital.

I just keep thinking why. But that won't change anything. Sadly, it can't bring that 11-year-old back to life. Or any of the victims. And one of the survivors, the woman who fled and was found hiding on the porch by McCrady, not only witnessed her husband's savage murder, but now has to deal with the loss of her child as well.

Does horrifying news like this harden you?


Image via alancleaver 2000/Flickr

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