'Fat' Beauty Queen Stripped of Crown Is Proof Pageants Are Stupid

cynthia de la vega miss mexicoDoes this sound familiar at all to you? A Mexican beauty queen, Cynthia de la Vega, says she was stripped of her Nuestra Belleza Mexico crown after putting on a few too many pounds. That means she won't be allowed to compete in the Miss World 2011 pageant in London.

On the flip side, officials said that the 19-year-old lost the title due to her "lack of dedication and discipline," and that she "did not comply with the recommendations and goals agreed upon for her preparation." Whatever that means? They haven't come out with any specifics.

The same thing happened a mere few months ago: Domonique Ramirez was the Miss San Antonio winner whose title was taken away after she was told to "get off the tacos."

I get the feeling that these two won't be the last ... and that means it's time for competitions like these to stop.


I totally understand that society's and pageants' views of what's skinny and healthy are completely f*cked up. Pageants and their ridiculous standards for beauty are abhorrent to me. There's no doubt in my mind that de la Vega is a beautiful young woman who has a lot going for her. I'd give my left arm to look like her, and I would feel devastated if something were taken away from me that I had earned due to my weight gain. De la Vega would be a wonderful role model for any young woman.

Still, I feel both parties are in the wrong here. The fact of the matter is de la Vega admitted to gaining weight due to the stress. Her physical appearance changed -- and probably to 90 percent of us, for the better. I know beauty pageant contestants are also judged based on their talents and interview skills and blah blah blah, but come on, they aren't called "beauty" pageants for nothing. Do you really think anyone would tune into a competition if all the contestants looked like me? There's a reason I'm writing about Cynthia instead of competing alongside her. It's difficult to feel sympathy for someone getting mad about officials for judging her for superficial reasons in a contest that's all about superficiality.

But then again, these officials should just come out and admit that that's why they took Cynthia's crown from her. Enough of this "not complying" and "lack of dedication" bull crap. Flat out admit that you'd rather your contestants look like they all have eating disorders. Can't we all call this craziness for what it is?

My takeaway from all of this is that the officials are in the wrong for running a contest purporting an unhealthy body image, and Cynthia is equally at fault for participating and then complaining being discriminated against, when in fact her beauty and body are most likely the main reasons she won runner-up in the competition in the first place. Bottom line? These competitions really need to go away.

Do you think Cynthia de la Vega should get her crown back? What do you think of beauty pageants?


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