Mom Makes Gun-Toting Thugs Defend Her Against Parenting Critic

guys with guns shoot up busA video of two thugs opening fire on a public bus in Philadelphia is straight up crazy, but the reason behind it may be even wackier. A miffed mom called the guys with guns to help her exact revenge on a dude who dared question her parenting. And you wonder why I just cringe and bear it when I see a mom acting like a moron in the grocery store?

I've been told more than once that I'm selfish for not stepping up, but this is just the sort of story that gives me pause. Penny Chapman allegedly called for her buddies to show up with an assault rifle and a handgun because Lefenus Pickett told her that spanking her child on the bus was child abuse. It's extreme. And I'm not reactionary enough to expect that's what will happen if I tell another mom to knock off her shenanigans.


But allow me to throw a big ol' BUT out there. I know it's not the normal reaction, BUT the fact is, none of us know how a mom -- or dad for that matter -- will react when you stick your nose in their business. And isn't parenting the most personal business of all?

It's one of the few things in life we are charged with doing without being forced to first apply for a license or having to submit to some sort of authority figure to check up on how we're doing. We have our own parents growing up, only to be followed by teachers, then bosses. Then there are the cops, the DMV, the IRS. All telling us how to live our lives.

But by and large, we can do what we want with our kids. Bottle or breast. Organic or McDonald's. Force a bed time or let them pass out on the couch. Spanking or timeout.

You don't have to be a nutcase to get your dander up when someone tells you "you're doing it wrong." A caring, involved parent would be hurt too. Hence countless rants on the Internet from moms moaning about the mother-in-law who won't let her parent her own darn kids. It's hard enough with family. Now think about a stranger thumbing his nose at your most personal of decisions. Angry doesn't begin to cover it, huh?

So let's flip it. You call out another parent in public. You don't know if they're a caring, involved parent. They're a stranger. And now they're mad, as mad as you would be. And they have to get that anger out somehow.

They probably won't call a bunch of guys with guns. But they'll lash out. Maybe at you. More likely at their kid.

Because while I haven't seen a mom pulling out her cellphone to call for backup, I have seen an angry mother taking her anger out on her child (it's why I don't spank, to be honest, because all too often a spank is less about the child's infraction than it is about a parent releasing their pent up hostility). And while you walk away, feeling good for -- drop to hushed, reverent tone -- speaking up for the children, you didn't help that child. You made yourself feel better.

Do you tell strangers when you think they're being a bad parent? Do you worry about their reaction?


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